HowTo Break Your Concrete

12 July

Concrete breaking is an important aspect of construction and it is easy to assume that, once poured, concrete will always be there. Fortunately, it is possible to remove concrete, without extensive training or expensive new equipment. Preparing for Removal When you look at your driveway or the concrete that forms your back patio, it can […]

Get Smart About Home Energy Use With Smart Windows

10 July

Energy efficient glass has come a long way to help homeowners reduce overall energy usage and lower their utility bills. However, “low-E” glass isn’t enough for dealing with constant temperature changes and the cumulative effects of solar heating. Enter the smart window, a smarter way for your home to remain comfortable and energy-efficient year-round. Learn […]

Basement Windows: Common Options To Choose From

09 July

A growing number of homeowners are converting their basements into liveable spaces. While there are a number of details that come along with this type of project, one commonly overlooked detail are the windows. Your basement windows have a lot to do with privacy and protection for your basement, as well as proper ventilation. Familiarizing […]